Located in the producer’s heart of the most coveted ornamental rocks in the country, the IGM Group for years has maintained a high growth rate, as result of modernizing its industrial park, supply of good products and competitive prices.

Today the company has become a mining industry concept, working in national and international markets with a team of qualified professionals to unite beauty, speed and the latest technology in the  performance of small and large works. Our main commitment is to the satisfaction of our customers.


Rod Barra de São Francisco x Colatina/ES - Brazil, KM 15 - Área Rural
Phone: +55 (27) 3776-3700
E-mail: contato@igmgranitos.com.br


Córrego do Itaperuna, S/Nº - Vila Itaperuna
Barra de São Francisco/ES - Brazil
Zip code: 29.800-000
Phone: +55 27 3776-3700